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Artists’ books are works of art that are realized in the form of a book. Generally published in limited editions or as unique works of art, artists’ books can take many forms. For example, DAAP Library’s collection includes concertinas, games, painted cards, and quilts with text. Although book printers have experimented with unique looks for their products for centuries, the artists’ book is primarily a twentieth and twenty-first century art form.
Up until recently, there wasn’t a collection focus per se. Instead, we allowed the collection to develop in interesting ways. That said, recently we decided to establish a collection focus. We’re going to collect artists’ books which focus on cultural, racial, and sexual diversity, a focus that we feel aligns well with the interests of UC as an institution as well as the greater UC community. Many of the books in our current collection deal with diversity as a theme, particularly sexual diversity, and we hope to acquire many more artists’ books that promote or feature issues of diversity and multiculturalism.
We created this blog to increase awareness of and engagement with our lovely artists’ book collection. By making images of the books available online, we are sharing them with a much larger audience, especially those who are unable to view the books in person. A wider audience is especially relevant to our new collection focus on diversity issues.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Gretchen Garner, An Art History of Ephemera Photographs 1976-78

Chicago, IL: G. Garner: Available from Tulip Press, 1982.

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  1. Gretchen Garner's book of photographs is very thought-provoking. For every two pages there are a total of eight images that share a common theme. For the image shown above the theme is blue. Garner seems to be saying that we tend to walk past objects we find unappealing at first glance. Through this collection of photographs Garner pulls us back and shows us that beauty can be found anywhere.